Complete Contest /Competition Instructions:

To enter your item/s please submit your completed Competition Entry Form along with payment by June 4, 2018


Arts / Crafts/ Woodworking/ Ceramics/ Painting                                                             
Baked Goods/ Cakes/ Confections                               
Preserved Foods/ Honey

Sewing / Knitting / Crocheting/ Quilts

Please bring your item/s with you to the fair and check your item in at the Competition tent the first day of the fair June 7,2018 by 2:00pm.

Items will not be accepted prior to June 7th.

Items submitted with completed entry form and payment can be accepted at the fair by the deadline of June 7, 2018 by 6:00pm.

Three winning entries will be announced for each division and one Best Of (overall) on Sunday 6/10/18 at 4:00pm. 

Click here for:   Competition Entry Form

Questions: Cassidy: 775-291-0480